How to Socialize Your Cats

Handle Your Cat

Cats World Health Organization haven’t been properly liberal are often suspicious and fearful. they may communicate this concern by biting and scratching. The key to prevention this concern is to adapt your cat to handling in order that she is aware of that nothing dangerous can happen once she’s in your arms.

Start slowly. Pet the cat in areas wherever she enjoys being petted – just like the prime of the top. Then, choose her up, stroke her feet together with your fingertips, loco mote to the belly, the tail and also the back. As you bit her, speak to her softly during a calm, low voice. If she becomes agitated, finish the session and leave her alone.

If your cat engages in rough play throughout the session, tell her a firm “NO!” and place her down.

After a “touching” session, provide her a treat. still try this many times every day, extending the length of the sessions as your cat grows snug with you.

Extend the sessions to incorporate handling of the feet and toes, as well as extending the nails. Open her mouth, and run your fingers across the gums. Stroke her ears. These exercises can facilitate her win a “Good Kitty” award later once she is being slicked, examined by the vet, having her teeth brushed, or having her claws cut.

Screaming at your cat or pain her can solely increase her concern and distrust. invariably approach and handle her sedately, and speak during a low soothing voice.

Play together with your Cat

Cats square measure predators naturally, and instinctively got to hunt and kill, notwithstanding solely with a catmint mouse. Learn what your cat’s favorite form of toy is, and schedule playtimes many times daily. this could cut back the quantity of misdirected predatory behavior (ankle attacks, etc.) within which your cat engages, and can facilitate the 2 of your kind an in depth bond.

As with the touching sessions, you must not reinforce dangerous behavior. If she attacks you throughout play, tell her “No!” and finish the leisure time.

Introduce Your Cat to Strangers

Be sure that the cat has your trust before you introduce her to strangers. Before you let people handle your cat, confirm they apprehend to stay their voices low and calm, a minimum of till the cat is snug with them.

Let your cat come back to them, and don’t force interaction. it should take a few of visits before your cat is snug with individuals she doesn’t apprehend.

Be Patient

Socialization takes longer with some cats than others. Some are often liberal ninety fifth of the method, however still could snipe with nips and scratches from time to time. Others is also inherently anti-social.

Be understanding and patient and respect the tiger at intervals the tabby. still reinforce smart behavior and discourage unwanted behavior. typically, it’ll take years to totally complete the method, however you’ll be rewarded at the top with a housemate World Health Organization enriches your life in ways in which you never expected.

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